Our Dinners at Samson: something to cherish and share

samson dinner

We are delighted and grateful for our second Samson’s Dinner together.

We at Samson love great things in life which are friends, delicious food and beautiful garments of course. That’s the reason we created our Dinners: to share all great things together with amazing women. But these evenings are much more than that: we celebrate sisterhood, we celebrate life, we create a haven where we connect to each other whilst eating and drinking - and looking fabulous, of course.

We are just so grateful for our Dinners.  Thank you for coming, thank you for bringing all that spark and warmth. We love to know we live under our motto: we empower women to shine – and we do it together.

Our next Dinner will be on 18/1. Remember to reserve your place on time 

If you want to know more about our Dinners, contact us at