Susanne Birgersdotter x Samson Concept


Susanne Birgersdotter, a Swedish self-made entrepreneur and investor, has gone from designing her first app from her kitchen table to becoming one of the most influential entrepreneurs and brand builders within 7 years.

She is an active mentor and member on several boards and a popular global speaker giving lectures and workshops on entrepreneurship and venture capital. Susanne is also a TEDx speaker and has founded the female network World Women Network and recently published her book Pivotal Moments.

It is for us a pleasure to work together with Susanne, developing her weekwardrobe to ease her life and spare her time, with outfits that cover everything from boardrooms meetings, AW’s and on stage speeches.

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Susanne Birgersdotter
 "All of us have experienced at least once the 'I have nothing to wear"  moment in front of a full wardrobe.'
This Is exactly why I choose to buy and wear Samson Concept. I never have to consider or stress out about what I will put on today, if i'm on stage, in a board meeting , consulting brands or having an investor meeting.
This is a brand that understands fashion but more important is that Samson Concept truly understands women and the female empowerment."
Susanne Birgersdotter


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Pictures: Anna Maria Liljestrand 



Caroline Ravn x Samson Concept

Caroline Ravn is one of the world's few female magicians. She is the sorcerer who has taken the world by storm. With several awards and sold out theaters in from Stockholm to New York, she is confident on stage and takes on her audience with charm, humor and magic. Caroline Ravn is an experienced entertainer and combines humor, classic entertainment and mind reading with astonishing interactive magic. Basware, Spotify, ICA, AFA Insurance, Mojang and many more are hiring Caroline Ravn to inspire, entertain and deliver that extra spark to the partyGet to know Caroline better:


 Caroline Ravn

"I've always believed in magic. I love the concept of illusion and the feeling of wonder when I experience something extraordinary. In my line of work it's important to both dress the part and to feel confident during the performances so I can fully deliver the best show possible.
When I'm in my Samson jacket, or, The Ravn as I like to call it, I know I'm ready to go. I love the confidence and style it brings to my look. Looking myself in the mirror I remind myself: I am the magic." "
Caroline Ravn

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Pictures: Anna Maria Liljestrand