Samson Concept was created in 2017 by entrepreneur Sanna Eklind and fashion designer Tania Garcia Olmedo. They found each other when they were searching for a new path to build an ultimate wardrobe concept for today's women, to improve and enhance their lives. 


... All of us have experienced at least once the "I have nothing to wear"  moment in front of a full wardrobe.

What is it that makes us feel uncomfortable in pieces we picked out and bought all by ourselves? Why we own more than what we need?

This questions brought Sanna and Tania together in a search for a new way to build the ultimate wardrobe for today's women and to make a positive change within fashion - by walking away from the traditional fashion path. 

With a vast experience within design, sustainability and entrepreneurship, they have created the ultimate weekwardrobe concept, with clothes made to last a lifetime, focusing on a perfect fit for the feminine silhouette. 

This is what we do at Samson Concept. We create a 100% wearable weekwardrobe with Monday to Sunday outfits to ease and organize today's woman's life.

We are working from our Design Studio in the south of Sweden - and delivering worldwide.



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