We developed the Weekwardrobe concept when seeking an integral solution for the every day life, to skip for ever the “I have nothing to wear” moment.

Why do we feel we have nothing to wear when we owe more clothes than what we can possibly use?

By owning more than what we need, we generate a constant clutter around us, as much in our mental space as in our physical space. Plus that we contribute to burden the environment with a culture of consumption that’s far overdue.The problem is not the quantity of items we owe – but that’s also a problem.

The natural solution is to own only what we need and what we love, and to replace our fast consumption for a smart consumption, where every item is cherished and made to live a life with us.

That's how we developed the weekwardrobe concept: a smart wardrobe with ready-to-wear outfits, one per each weekday, to cover the attire for women's multiple scenario, going from the public to the private sphere in a seamless integration. Our aim is to reflect the strenght and beauty within each woman with a feminine style, high quality fabrics and a clean design inspired by Scandinavian minimalism.

The Weekwardrobe is here to represent and empower the best self of women through the diversity of their lives, from Monday to Sunday, with curated outfits that allow endless combinations and save you both daily time and mental clutter – You will never again wonder what to wear but instead, you'll just pick the day’s outfit without a second thought.