Samson Concept

Samson Suit - Limited Edition

5 400 kr
Designed & produced in Sweden.
Free Shipping: 3-5 days within Sweden / 1 week worldwide 

Article Number: 50100

Model: Kimono jacket

Main fabric: 100% Cotton

Lining: 100% PA

Pink / Mocca / Pearl


 We recommend dry cleaning for your Samson garment.


The Samson suit with Kimono Jacket and Pencil skirt got you back for all occasions. It´s the perfect outfit for work and for travelling with class. The fabric is made by an Italian artist and takes your mind to beautiful brushstrokes.

Did you know? Kimono means literally “thing to wear”. It is a Japanese garment original from the Muromachi period and it is easy to recognize by its sleek T-shaped signature silhouette. We kept the kimono silhouette and developed the perfect thing to wear as a jacket. The kimono jacket. We love it.  You will love it too.

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