Luisa Trousers

Luisa Trousers


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Did you know that the oldest known trousers are dated between the 13th and the 10th century BC? They are believed to have been worn by both men and woman back then.

In 1919 Luisa Capetillo in Puerto Rico was the first woman who wore trousers in public. Of course, she went to jail for that, but the charges against her were finally dropped by the judge.

We at Samson honor the pioneer spirit of women and therefore our trousers are named “Luisa”.

Our trousers have all the tailored details and comfort of a classical man’s trousers together with the slim fit and cropped silhouette to fit a woman. These trousers are all about coziness and effortless elegance.

* We recommend dry cleaning for your Samson garment.


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Trousers Luisa 4 pockets

Main fabric: 54% PL / 44% WV / 2% EA


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