Samson Shirt

Samson Shirt


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The shirt, ladies, has been a masculine garment until the twentieth century. Of course, that’s old story, because we own the shirt in all its variants since then.

We at Samson know that in order to make something yours truly is necessary to put your signature on it. We design all our garments from that premise and that is how we developed our shirt and we called it simply “The Shirt”.

This is a shirt really developed of women for women, for real. We combined a fitted silhouette with straight shoulders, sleek sleeves with buttonless cuffs and the right length of the hem to avoid bulkiness. We have considered all the aspects to give you nothing less than a great shirt – ours truly.

* We recommend washing as little as possible your garments: you can always air it or refresh it with line water before you decide to wash-wash your garment. When you however wash your shirt, remember to button it up and turn it inside out. Wash with neutral soap at 40°C. t. Iron it with a moderate hot iron and hang it when not in use; these simple steps will prolong your shirt's life.


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